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Welcome to SMG Retirement

We help guide you and your family financially from birth, to retirement and everything in between. We dedicate the time to learning about your personal situation, your goals, and understanding your vision for your family and retirement. We rely on one on one interaction in developing long-term relationships that encourage open and honest communication that helps us design and execute a strategy that follows you through all stages of life.

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What we do!

RISK Management

We build a program to shield your family from uncertainty.

Safe Investing

Our investment strategies protect you completely from drops in the market. Think CD's that the bank offers but with a much better return.

Retirement Planning

Tailored plans for clients and their businesses future.


Meet the Safe Money Guys Family


DeCarlos Fuller

Financial Consultant - Risk Management Specialist -

Years of experience and continuing education keep us prepared to help guide you through all of life transitions.We partner with industry leaders and leverage relationships built on trust, honesty and respect. Values and integrity are what matter and we put ours on display every day.


Our first priority is you.

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